Monday, May 18, 2009

Let it grow

My little piece of earth that I affectionately refer to as the weed patch has been a joy to watch these last few months. It seems like everyday there is something new (and unexpected) popping up. An added bonus is the wildlife that the weed patch attracts. We've seen butterflies, birds, bugs and today I spotted a rabbit. The control freak in me wants to make the space neater, more conventional. I want it to conform to the beautifully manicured gardens in my dreams. However, by giving up my desires to prune and purge, I've allowed the space to grow without interference and constantly surprise me. After all, I almost pulled up the big stalky (yes, weedy) thing that turned out to be a huge sunflower plant. I'm not very good at plant identification, so everything looks like a potential weed when it first begins to grow.

The pictures below are are a few of the flowers that I have been able to identify. I'll be sure to post more as I figure it out.

Mealy blue sage (and Lena)

My giant sunflower

Another poppy pic--I just can't help myself!