Sunday, February 7, 2010

Man vs Goliath (otherwise known as Sarah vs the Clover)

Over the past few months, my new flower bed has been home to an unwelcomed tenant. The clover has invaded a majority of the space while blending in with the much more likeable bluebonnet plants. Why did I let it get so bad, you ask? Well, it certainly wasn't my intention to ignore the problem. The weather has been consistently wet and cold. And there were so many bluebonnets mixed in that it was difficult to tell just how far things had gone. Two weeks ago, I decided to put an end to the takeover. I began the slow, painstaking process of pulling out the clover while carefully leaving the bluebonnets. I even dubbed myself the "Clover Crusher" to make me feel better about my plight against the three-leafed monster. Yes, there have been bluebonnet casualties. But so far, I've removed three grocery bags full of clover, and I'm not done yet. I will win the war.

The good guy--my beloved bluebonnet

My nemesis

What lesson did I learn from this? Don't let an unwanted plant takeover your garden. Remove it early so that you don't have to give yourself silly names and refer to the removal of said plant as a war.

The battlefield---can you tell the clover from the bluebonnets?


  1. Yes, I face the same battlefield right now, and end up plucking up good guys with the energetic self-sown chickweed, false carrot, etc. The good thing is that the clover is fixing nitrogen in the soil. I always leave some of it for its flowers that feed the early bees, too.

  2. Linda--you've convinced me that I don't have to take away ALL of the clover, especially if the bees and soil will benefit from it. Your mention of 'false carrot' caught my attention. I planted carrots for the first time last fall and afterwards began noticing 'carrot' plants all over the yard! I thought maybe I was seeing things...